Experience the marriage of Middle East and Estonia! You are warmly   
invited to be our guest at Frida in the Nature.
We are a couple that originally met in Australia, where we lived for the last 10 years. After all our travels we decided to land in this pristine forest.
My wife is originally from Pärnu with her family's roots deeply connected to this place. I come from the north of Israel where my culinary career first began. I love to experiment, mix creativity with high tech food making and have a lot of tricks up my sleeve. Ultimately I feel happiest cooking my native foods, with authentic Israeli spices and lots of love. I look forward to sharing this all with our guests.

Our dream is to create a space where a community can gather, people can enjoy special moments, reconnect with themselves and their loved ones. Our space represents the values that we find extremely important – fresh seasonal food, wherever possible grown locally, all natural, eco and animal friendly, but still glamorous, elegant and beautiful. I have worked as a chef in Australia and Israel for over 17 years. Now the time has come to leave the busy cities behind and live a simpler life in nature, offering people something unique.

Elegance, nature and freedom are the main inspirations for me.

– Oded, the chef

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