Frida restaurant is opening its doors from the beginning of March - bookings necessary. We have space for five groups of guests per night, open on Saturdays. Looking forward to showing our guests the full Israeli experience!



We are happy to welcome you and your loved ones for a romantic overnight experience in our authentic homestead. A private chef from Australia will cook a Middle Eastern style feast and buffet brunch for you, included in the experience is the use of a private cabin. Access to a wood fired sauna and all the d that the nature has to offer.


Our chef from Australia has been in hospitality for nearly two decades and now has followed his wife to this beautiful patch of land.

“Elegancy, nature and freedom are the main inspirations for me” 

Selection of starters of the middle easten style, including falafel, hummus, pickled foods and the like. We offer a rich main course selection and respect any diet requirements. 
Comfortable, all-year-round huts newly built to accommodate our guests. The hut experience features a queen size bed and a quiet space warmed by firewood.

The experience comes with access to our historical sauna house, named as the best sauna in 1989, but still quite outstanding. For the brave folks we also have a natural pool where you can seek refreshment afterwards. 

We are happy to take bookings for Christmas parties, corporate gatherings and special events.
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